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19 Lose
Lot 40179
Greece » Austrian Levant Post Offices
1873 Folded lettersheet to Syra franked Austrian Levant 10so bearing ‚CANDIA 17.11‘ cds in combination with Greece 10L bearing dotted numeral 67, at back…
Schätzung: 500 EUR
Lot 40180
Greece » Turkish Post Offices
1905 Registered cover franked at back 1pi blue (strip of 3) bearing blue FLORINA 24.5.05 cds alongside Salonicco transit and London arrival marking, scarce…
Schätzung: 260 EUR
Lot 40181
1861 Paris Print 1L pale chocolate-brown, mint marginal block of four, some usual gum creases at right affecting one stamp only, a very fine & rare unused…
Schätzung: 800 EUR
Lot 40182
1861 Paris Print 2L Bistre in complete sheet of 150, separated in the middle and rejoined, a few small faults, the only surviving complete sheet of any…
Schätzung: 4’000 EUR
Lot 40183
1862-67 Second Athens Print: 1L Brown-chocolate, mint block of 50 with sheet margins on three sides, usual marginal faults and creasing, very fine & attractive…
Schätzung: 500 EUR
Lot 40184
1863 (Sep 9) Incoming lettersheet sent unfranked from the UK with 80L and 10L Hermes Heads applied on arrival by Syros cds, with despatch, Paris, French…
Schätzung: 150 EUR
Lot 40185
1868 (May 22) Entire to Greece with 10s tied Meteline cds with 40L Hermes Head added on arrival tied by Syros cds, crease affecting 40L, a little soiling,…
Schätzung: 150 EUR
Lot 40186
1875-80 Printed on Cream paper 10L Orange used strip of three with vivid colour, middle stamp showing control figures „00 instead of 10,“ very fine and…
Schätzung: 80 EUR
Lot 40187
1896 Olympics 10L to 40L selection of 18 with „SYSTHMENON“ (registered) cancels, showing a variety of different hs, incl. 3 pairs, mixed condition
Schätzung: 300 EUR
Lot 40193
1926 3d „Patakonia“ pane of 3 + blank label, nh, very fine, signed (Hellas A2a, € 150)
Schätzung: 50 EUR
Lot 40194
1851-1962, 105 Covers/postal stationery & picture postcards, much of note from pre-stamp, cancels, airs, military, telegraphs (Est. CHF 300/400)
Schätzung: 300 – 400 EUR
Lot 40195
1861-77, Balance of the Solferino collection showing better covers & stamps, noted 2L Olive-Bistre strip of five used together with First Athens 10L on…
Schätzung: 10’000 – 20’000 EUR
Lot 40196
1861-1886, An extensive and valuable reference collection with almost all stamps of the Large Hermes Heads well represented from the 1861 Paris Prints…
Schätzung: 7’000 – 10’000 EUR
Lot 40197
1861-1932, Mint & used old-time collection on pages comprising a fascinating study on LARGE HERMES HEAD with shades, see web (Est. CHF 800/1’400)
Schätzung: 800 – 1’400 EUR
Lot 40198
1861-1990, Mint & used stock with better values and sets, ideal for retail (Est. CHF 500/1’000)
Schätzung: 500 – 1’000 EUR
Lot 40199
1881-1900 Group of 5 mint multiples including Small Hermes heads 40L purple mint block of 4 and 25L marginal blue pair, 1900 1d on 40L imperf between pair,…
Schätzung: 150 – 200 EUR
Lot 40201
Greece » Ionian Islands Zakynthos
1943 Set of 8 values 10c, 25c, 50c and Airs 50c each with red and black boxed handstamp overprint ‚ELLAZ 2.X.43‘, never hinged, quite scarce as most are…
Schätzung: 360 EUR
Lot 40656
Greece » Turkish Post Offices
1851 Entire from the Greek P.O. in Constantinople to Siros with green despatch cds and arrival bs, disinfection slit, minor soiling
Schätzung: 180 EUR
Lot 40657
Greece » Turkish Post Offices
1864 Entire to Greece from the Greek P.O. in Constantinople with 5L, 20L and 40L tied by „95“ dotted numerals, despatch cds adjacent and Syros arrival…
Schätzung: 180 EUR