Los 50042 – PUBLISHERS E,F,G,I – East Hebel Anticommunist Auto

Los 50042 – PUBLISHERS E,F,G,I – East Hebel Anticommunist Auto
Realisierter Preis
2’000 EUR
1’500 – 2’000 EUR
Di. 8 Dez 2015 at 11:00 (Europe/Zurich)
PUBLISHERS E,F,G,I – East Hebel Anticommunist Autonomos (2), Evans Edward (45), Ezekiel J & CO (23), F (1), FF (1), Fong Ah (7), Fong Lee (1), Fong Yin (2), Fong Ying (3), Fung the author & CO (1), Fwol (1), G.E.T ST (1), Gammon Chas F (22), General Book and news CO (1), Geschke Johs (4), Gongsi Dongya (1), Graeco Egyptian Tobacco Store (65), Grand Hotel de Pekin (5), Griffin Martin (1), Grill Warehouse Max (74), Ikugata I & Co (3), Imperial Hotel (1), Institut des Haites Etudes Ind (1), International Reform Bureau (1), Iseya Hankow (33), Itschang (3), Iwainoto (1), Iwata H (3), selection of 240 mostly early picture postcards with cards of Amoy, Mokanshan, Canton, Hankow, Tientsin. Peking, Hong Kong, Shanghai etc., plus general Chinese scenes, mostly unused with a few used including Russian foreign post offices etc., a fine & rare assembly with many early colour cards present (240) (Est. € 1’500/2’000)

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