Los 50039 – PUBLISHERS C – Canadian Pacific Cruise (4), Cathol

Los 50039 – PUBLISHERS C – Canadian Pacific Cruise (4), Cathol
Realisierter Preis
1’500 EUR
800 – 1’200 EUR
Di. 8 Dez 2015 at 11:00 (Europe/Zurich)
PUBLISHERS C – Canadian Pacific Cruise (4), Catholic Mission Press (6), Caxton Printing Company (4), C.H.-Eric Politzer (30), Chinese Baptist Publishing (19), China Photographic Materials Co (2), Chinese American Publishing Co. (28), Chinese First Photogravure Co (1), Chinese Government Railway (1), Ching Er Hotel (3), Chirouze (1), Chita H (2), Chongwen Printing (1), Chung Kwa Book Co Ltd (18), Church General Hospital (2), City Government of Greater Shanghai (12), Cliché L.M. (5), College Book Store (4), College de Zi-ka-wei (1), Court Hotel (1), Culture & Art Publishing, Shanghai (1), selection of 154 picture postcards of Canton, Tsingtao, Hangchow, Nanking, Shanghai etc., plus general Chinese scenes, mostly unused with a few used etc., a fine & rare assembly (154) (Est. € 800/1’200)

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