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Lot 2028
Germany » German Empire » German Empire, 1933/45 Third Reich
1935 Olympic trials in Yachting at Kiel. 2nd Prize cup, 110mm tall, pewter, with „Erinnerungspreis / für die zweitebeste Olympiajolle / der Olympia Vorbereitungswettfahrten…
Schätzung: 60 EUR
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1936ca. International Military Sports Council medal, 60mm, bronze, showing a globe surrounded by 5 rings, wreath and a sword on front and legend surrounded…
Schätzung: 50 EUR
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Olympics » 1932-1936 Intervening Championships
1934 Stadium of Paris share issue, 310x412mm, showing 5 rings at side, dated May 1934, very fine
Schätzung: 20 EUR
Lot 2055
Olympics » 1932-1936 Intervening Championships
Robinson 1936 „Boys‘ Sports Calendar“ (translation), 24x38cm, six pages with Olympic flag at the top of each page, showing coloured images of football,…
Schätzung: 50 EUR