Los 10025 – INTERIM POSTAL HISTORY: Afula to Zikron Jakov, phe

Los 10025 – INTERIM POSTAL HISTORY: Afula to Zikron Jakov, phe
Israel » Israel – Interim Period (1948)
Realisierter Preis
10’000 – 15’000 EUR
Mo. 1 Dez 2014 at 10:00 (Europe/Zurich)
INTERIM POSTAL HISTORY: Afula to Zikron Jakov, phenomenal collection of some 400 covers in 6 thick deluxe stockbooks, in order by town of cancel, frankings include Interim issues (most, both Tel Aviv and Haifa hs) and Mandate issues (sometimes mixed), with a high percentage registered and a very large percentage of the 80 diff. dateless postmarks listed by Bale here present, on commercial mail as well as on philatelic covers. This collection was purchased item by item as available at auction or retail over a 40-year period, with minor duplication as well as spectacular philatelic frankings throughout. As large a holding town-by-town as we have ever seen; some covers up to Bale $1’200 included, condition slightly mixed as can be expected, Occasional certificate or expert signature, a very fine lot overall (many 100s) (Est. € 10’000/15’000)

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