Los 10015 – 1898-1918, Splendid mostly exhibit-mounted collect

Los 10015 – 1898-1918, Splendid mostly exhibit-mounted collect
Israel » Israel – Forerunners – German Offices
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1’700 EUR
1’500 – 2’500 EUR
Mo. 1 Dez 2014 at 10:00 (Europe/Zurich)
1898-1918, Splendid mostly exhibit-mounted collection in 3 volumes, about 100 franked covers cards and ps with important range of Postal Agency boxed or s/l hs incl. Aus Ramleh, Aus Jaffa, Aus Jerusalem [x2], bold Paquebot hs for Hungarian steamer S.S. Petofi, then wide range of postal stationery types (few mint) in exceptional condition, strong in wrappers and reply cards, then a range of registered mail (incl. uprated ps), some internal uses as well as to foreign destinations, finally over 45 WWI fieldpost items including a range of cancels and uses, in all a great start with many choice items in exceptional condition, examine (€ 1’200/2’000)

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