December 2014 Auction Series – 1/12/2014 – 6/12/2014

8 Lose
Lot 40787
1857 (6.7) Folded entire from Colombo to Batavia, „per Steamer Galle“, franked 1857 5d brown tied clear oval bars in black, with BRITISH PACKET POSTAGE…
Schätzung: 5’000 EUR
Lot 40788
1861-64 Rough perf. 14 to 15 1/2 1d blue strip of four and 6d brown on piece tied by barred ovals, odd tone spot, fine
Schätzung: 100 EUR
Lot 40789
1912-1925 50R dull purple, mint hinge remainder, very fine, signed Holcombe (SG £550)
Schätzung: 200 EUR
Lot 40790
1979 Rowland Hill, two imperf. essays mounted in a small booklet, differing in design to the issued stamp, one with blue background (ms „mod (A)“ above)…
Schätzung: 100 EUR
Lot 40791
1857-1948, Mint & used accumulation in one album, good value in QV period with some very high cat items in mixed condition, later issues up to KGVI (Est….
Schätzung: 200 – 400 EUR
Lot 40792
1861-1900 Mint & used accumulation of the QV perf. issues, with the Chalon Heads roughly organised by perf. and wmk type (some wrongly classified), generally…
Schätzung: 3’000 – 5’000 EUR
Lot 40793
1863-1900, Mint collection on five stockpages incl. 1883-98 4c rose block of 36, 1872-80 64c, a range of the surcharged issues incl. high values, etc.,…
Schätzung: 200 – 300 EUR
Lot 60031
1921-1936 100R dull purple & blue (watermark multiple script CA), mint with slight hinge remainder, very fine example of this scarce adhesive Estimate:…
Schätzung: 1’200 – 1’600 EUR