Los 30029 – Green „Broadway Cigarettes“ colour trial sheet of

Stamp of Israel » Israel 1948 "Doar Ivri" Broadway Colour Trials Green "Broadway Cigarettes" colour trial sheet of
Los 30029 – Green „Broadway Cigarettes“ colour trial sheet of
Israel » Israel 1948 „Doar Ivri“ Broadway Colour Trials
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Do. 13 Jun 2013 at 15:00 (Europe/Zurich)
Green „Broadway Cigarettes“ colour trial sheet of 15 with additional solid similar size imprint in left margin, 4th vert row from left completely rouletted, very fresh, nh, traces of paper clip & staple holes at extreme top left corner plus light marginal creases else SUPERB and extremely rare in this full size, signed by and 1992 cert. Tsachor (Bale $9’000++)
: ED.27b

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