12 Lose
Lot 7036
Germany » Norddeutscher Postbezirk
1869-70 3k Rose on envelope in combination with Swiss 25c Sitting Helvetia, sent from Gersau to Frankfurt, then forwarded to Bad Nauheim, rare combination…
Schätzung: 800 EUR
Lot 7037
Germany » Norddeutscher Postbezirk
1870 (ca.) Cover from Deutz to Dublin, Ireland, franked with N.G.C. 1Gr (2) + 1/2 Gr tied by DEUTZ cds, large red PD,sent via Belgium, bs H&K PACT SE 14…
Schätzung: 80 EUR
Lot 7043
Germany » German Empire » German Empire, 1872 Small shield issue
1872 Small Shield 2kr red orange + 7kr blue tied by Baden cds on small cover to Dublin, IRELAND, red boxed PD, bs H&K PACT / SE 14 18723 code I cds, very…
Schätzung: 400 EUR
Lot 7044
Germany » German Empire » German Empire, 1880/89 Pfennig
Germany to Ireland, 3 items with 1880 10pfg postal card from Berlin to Wicklow; 1881 cover from Ettlingen to Dublin; and 1883 10pfg postal card, Bad-Kissingen…
Schätzung: 40 EUR
Lot 7045
Germany » German Empire
1914-18, WWI: 22 Fieldpost cards from various nations all bearing T number in right bottom corner, probably all of final proof/essays status, numbered…
Schätzung: 200 EUR
Lot 7046
Germany » German Empire » German Empire, 1918/23 inflation issues
1922 (Aug 30) Cover to Paris bearing set of 1922 Pigeon airmails, tied by Leipzig cds, with „Mit Luftpost berfördert / Stuttgart 1“ boxed hs below and…
Schätzung: 40 EUR
Lot 7047
Germany » German Empire » German Empire, 1923/32 Weimar Republic
1931 (Apr 18) Printed airmail cover from Braunschweig to Tunis, bearing 10pf, 15pf & 20pf airmails, Stuttgart and Marseille transits, fine
Schätzung: 20 EUR
Lot 7048
Germany » German Empire » German Empire, 1933/45 Third Reich
Deutsche Reichsport stamp album, complete from 1933 to 1940 with mint sets, incl. Zeppelin Chicago flight, some foxing to pages (a few stamps affected),…
Schätzung: 400 EUR
Lot 7049
Germany » German Empire » German Empire, 1933/45 Third Reich
1938 Airmail cover to Brasil with 100pf black +50pf green to Herrn Wilhelm an bord Cap Arcona, arrival cds, very fine
Schätzung: 35 EUR
Lot 7050
Germany » German Empire » German Empire, 1933/45 Third Reich
1938 Airmail cover from American Consulate in Berlin to Uruguay franked with 100pf black +25pf brown x3, arrival on reverse, very fine
Schätzung: 38 EUR
Lot 7051A
Germany » German Colonies » Cameroon » German Colonies, Cameroon British Occupation
1917 (Jan 6) Envelope sent registered to Switzerland with C.E.F. values from 1/2d on 3pf to 8d on 80pf, tied by Buea cds, reverse with Liverpool, London…
Schätzung: 80 EUR
Lot 7051
Germany » German WWII Occupation Issues » Luxemburg
1940 6pf postal card to France with additional 5pf + 4pf tied by Roodt 29.11.40 cds, not dispatched because of War events with postal mark in violet „NOCH…
Schätzung: 30 EUR