15 Lose
Lot 7026
German States » Baden
1862 6kr Blue + 9kr Brown tied together to 1865 envelope by boxed CARLSRUHE / 13 Jun ds (another strike, date partly ms by PO, at right), paying 15kr of…
Schätzung: 1’000 EUR
Lot 7027
German States » Baden
1869 Cover to IRELAND franked by 6Kr + 9Kr values tied at Carlsruhe (6 March), with “BADE / STRASBOURG” French entry cds and London Paid cds, with Straffan…
Schätzung: 2’000 EUR
Lot 7028
German States » Bavaria
1850 6kr Brown pl. 2 strip of three + 3kr blue pl. 3 single tied by „155“ mill-wheels to 1855 cover from Kempten (half oval 16/12 ds) to Navan, IRELAND…
Schätzung: 400 EUR
Lot 7029
German States » Bavaria
1849/62 Numerals; Type II (Mi. 2II,3-7): 1852 Cover from Munich to Dublin, Ireland, with 48 Kreuzer total franking incl. marginal pair and strip of 3 of…
Schätzung: 4’000 EUR
Lot 7030
German States » Bavaria
1854 Three-colour franking cover from Munich to Dublin, IRELAND at 23kr single weight letter rate, made up with imperf 9kr Blue-green pair + 3kr pl.2 single…
Schätzung: 800 EUR
Lot 7031
German States » Bavaria
1858 Cover from Munich to Dublin, IRELAND, with 1849/62 Numerals Type II 3k blue + 18k yellow-orange, both good to huge margins incl. 3 adjacent stamps…
Schätzung: 600 EUR
Lot 7032
German States » Bavaria
1871 British Royal cover (crowned Arms on flap) from Kissingen (half-moon ds) to Dublin, IRELAND, addressed to a companion of the Prince of Wales (during…
Schätzung: 150 EUR
Lot 7033
German States » Hamburg
1859 7Sch 1st issue, generous margins, tied by 4-bar cancel to 1860 complete folded letter (comm’l contents) from Hamburg to Dublin, IRELAND, with red…
Schätzung: 200 EUR
Lot 7034
German States » Hamburg
1865 7Sch Lilac neatly tied by blue Hamburg St. Pauli cds (28 10 / 66) to cover to Belfast, IRELAND, red London Paid and oval PD, Belfast OC 31 65 bs,…
Schätzung: 200 EUR
Lot 7035
German States » Hamburg
1859 imperf. 7Sch orange, two singles in slightly different shades, each with large margins and part dividing line at right, neatly tied by black bars…
Schätzung: 500 EUR
Lot 7038
German States » Prussia
1869 Folded entire (parcel letter) to Coswig franked by two 1866 10Sgr singles plus NGC 1868 1/2Gr and 2Gr singles, all tied by boxed GR.AMMENSLEBEN 2610…
Schätzung: 700 EUR
Lot 7039
German States » Saxony
1862 Cover from Leipzig to Belfast, IRELAND, franked by 1855 imperf. 3ng and pair of 1ng tied paying the reduced 1860 UK rate of 5Gr via Belgium, tied…
Schätzung: 600 EUR
Lot 7040
German States » Schleswig-Holstein
1864 1 1/4S blue on rose, tied by Danish „129“ target cancel on folded cover to Holstebro, PINNEBERG 19/12 cds alongside, taxed „6“, LÜBECK transit and…
Schätzung: 260 EUR
Lot 7041
German States » Thurn and Taxis
1860 Cover from Hamburg to Wiliam Peebles of Dublin, Ireland, franked with 1852 first issue 9Kr vert. pair (lower stamp folded around edge and faulty)…
Schätzung: 400 EUR
Lot 7042
German States » Wurttemberg
1859 3Kr (2) gelb-orange auf kleinem Briefstück, gest. Gmund
Schätzung: 20 EUR