Los 32996
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1’900 EUR
2’000 – 3’000 EUR
Sat 22 Sep 2012 at 13:00 (Europe/Zurich)
1879-1974, An extensive specialised collection neatly mounted on album pages and housed in large green Scott album, showing regular issues, with an amazing assembly of additional specialities with overprint & surcharge errors incl. sideways, misplaced, double one inverted, double & inverted overprints, reading up, reading down, printed on reverse, missing, plus a host of other major or minor varieties some unlisted, plus imperfs, imperf. between pairs, inverted centres, some multiples, proofs & specimens noted, plus a few commercial covers, also some „back of the book“ with Interior Office Issues, postage dues, viewing is essential, a wonderful assembly, an excellent basis for study & expansion with many rarely offered items (1’000s of items) (Est. € 2’000/3’000)