Middle East & Levant

14 Lose
Lot 8010
Austria » Offices in the Turkish Empire
SS „SEMIRAMIS“: 1895 1pi letter card bearing black LLOYD AUSTRIACO / LXXIV cds to Stuttgart, slight vert. crease, used in first year of issue, inside ms…
Schätzung: 100 EUR
Lot 8041
1937-46 Young Farouk 1m to £E1 complete set with oblique perforations, nh, very fine (one minor value with small paper inclusion)
Schätzung: 100 EUR
Lot 8042
1953 Republic 17m and 32m imperforate pairs on gummed paper, nh, very fine and unusual
Schätzung: 40 EUR
Lot 8043
Egypt » Egypt Arab Republic
1959 Proclamation of United Arab States „Printing Experiment,“ corner marginal blocks of 4 in bright blue, red and purple, on gummed paper with wavy line…
Schätzung: 150 EUR
Lot 8044
Egypt » Egypt Arab Republic
1959 Proclamation of United Arab States „Printing Experiment,“ blue proof in complete gummed sheet of 50, plus Nasser as a boy essays in light & dark blue…
Schätzung: 200 EUR
Lot 8045
1959 UAR Experimental printing in four different colours & in six sets, v.fine
Schätzung: 120 EUR
Lot 8046
Egypt » Egypt Arab Republic
1959 Republic 4m, 10m, and 35m in imperforate pairs and 5m in an imperforate block of 4 on gummed paper, nh, very fine (NP $290)
Schätzung: 60 EUR
Lot 8048
1938 Officials 1m to 10m, 20m to 50m part set with oblique perforations in blocks of 4, mint nh, very fine (NP $264+) and 1m to 50m set of 9 singles with…
Schätzung: 100 EUR
Lot 8065
1958 Fayçal II 2f, 5f, 10f, 25f, 30f, 50f, 100f and 200f values in unissued colours, mint nh, very fine, cert. Vachat
Schätzung: 100 EUR
Lot 8066
1967 Flood Relief, collection of 27 different stamps with surcharge handstamp (both types present), mint og, incl. some non-issued, very fine, cert. Vachat
Schätzung: 40 EUR
Lot 8067
1958 Officials 1f to 50f set of 10 in mint nh pairs, very fine (SG £92, with 3f, 8f & 50f uncatalogued as they were prepared but not used)
Schätzung: 30 EUR
Lot 8071
1961 Airmail 5p in complete sheet with full „offset on reverse“ variety, as well as 10p and 70p in complete sheets showing „double print“ variety on all…
Schätzung: 400 EUR
Lot 8090
Saudi Arabia
1962-85, Selection of 21 miniature sheets incl. some which are unpriced (SG £400+)
Schätzung: 80 EUR
Lot 8098
1863 20pa to 5pi selection mounted on 6 old-time album pages incl. mint, used, pairs, one tête-bêche & 1 proof, interesting cancels, mixed to very fine…
Schätzung: 600 – 800 EUR