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SHANGHAI: 1898 3k Postcard uprated with Arms 1k from NINGPO to Australia, sent via Chinese Imperial Post to the Russian P.O. at Shanghai where it was cancelled with Shanghai 28.10.98 (9.11.98 in Gregorian calendar) cds in violet (T&S type 2), with further Shanghai 14.11.98 (in Gregorian calendar) cds in blue (T&S type 1) before being sent by French paquebot to Hong Kong, then on to Sydney, all transits present, fine and very interesting card Note: From Feb. 1897 the Chinese Imperial Post abolished the inland charge for carriage of foreign mail, with message on card confirming this fact: „Am writing this on a Russian card and posting it here in this city, if there is anything to pay on it, it will be an overcharge.“
上海:1898年,3戈比明信片另贴俄国票1戈比票由宁波寄澳洲,经大清邮政至上海俄国客邮,销紫色上海日戳(1898.10.28)(T&S2型),亦销蓝色上海圆戳(1898.11.14)(T&S 1型),再经法国轮船寄香港,再到悉尼,邮路清楚,中上品,俱趣味的明信片 备注:自1897年2月始,大清邮政局取消国际邮件的内陆收费,从此卡上可证实这项条例,“我写于此卡上,如有额外收费,应为超额支付“