Los 10029 – PEKING: 1900 4k (+4k) Reply-paid postcard (reply p

PEKING: 1900 4k (+4k) Reply-paid postcard (reply p
Los 10029 – PEKING: 1900 4k (+4k) Reply-paid postcard (reply p
Russia » Russia Post in China
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2’200 EUR
500 – 800 EUR
Mi. 12 Dez 2012 at 10:00 (Europe/Zurich)
PEKING: 1900 4k (+4k) Reply-paid postcard (reply portion unused) to Germany, cancelled by Peking 25.1.00 cds (T&S type 4), with violet disinfection mark OBEZZARAZHEHO of Troitskosavsk adjacent with Moscow and arrival cds, very fine. Note: Disinfection of mail from China was carried out at Russian frontier posts intermittently between 1895 and 1900 in response to cholera epidemics
北京:1900年,4 戈比明信片寄德国,附邮资已付回卡(未使用),销北京圆戳(1900.1.25)(T&S4型),亦见销紫色俄国恰克图消毒OBEZZARAZHEHO戳,亦销莫斯科日戳及到达戳,上品 备注:来自中国的邮件在1895至1900年期间于俄国边境哨站陆续进行消毒

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