Los 10002 – RUSSIAN EMBASSY IN CHINA POST: 1875 (Dec 16) Cover

Los 10002 – RUSSIAN EMBASSY IN CHINA POST: 1875 (Dec 16) Cover
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RUSSIAN EMBASSY IN CHINA POST: 1875 (Dec 16) Cover to France incl. contents datelined „Peking, le 16 Dec 1875“, carried by the Embassy post from Peking through diplomatic channels to St. Petersburg and on to Vienna, where it was franked with Austrian 10k and put into the normal post, with French transits and reverse with wax nobility seal. Note: This incredible routing is confirmed by the contents which says: „Do not be surprised to see on this letter Viennese postage stamps. I am sending in the winter all my packets by the Russian Courier free to St. Petersburg and from there they are sent on to Vienna“. Freezing over of the River Yangtze is given as the reason for this unusual route for this correspondence. Use of the Diplomatic Bag would have been in deference to the sender’s status. Provenance: Ex Beckeman
俄國駐華大使館郵政:1875年12月16日,寄法國封,內容寫及日期由北京發出,透過大使館由北京經外交渠道寄至聖彼得堡,再到達維也納,貼奧利亞10戈比票再投入正常郵政系統,銷法國戳,背銷貴族封蠟 备注:这个邮路虽令人难以置信,但确实存在,写着“请不要对看到这封信的维也纳邮票感到惊讶,我在冬季经由俄国快递免费寄出所有信件,至圣彼得堡,它们再被送至维也纳“ 这样不寻常的邮路是由长江冻结不通所致,这种外交邮袋的使用会尊重发件人的地位 源流:Beckeman

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