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URUMCHI: 1906 Envelope sent registered from the Russian Consular Office in Urumchi to Switzerland with „KITAI“ 1k, 2k (2), 3k, 5k and 7k on the obverse tied by „URUMTSI (CHINA) / POST OF THE IMPERIAL CONSULATE OF RUSSIA“ 22.VI.06 cds, sent to Chuguchak where it was re-registered and franked on the reverse with unoverprinted 1k, 2k, 4k, 5k and 7k tied by the Chuguchak type 1B cds, with Sergiopol and Moudon bs. Very fine and unique, the only known cover from the Russian Post in Urumchi. Note: Illustrated in „Stamps of the Russian Empire Used Abroad“ p.286 by Tchilinghirian & Stephen Provenance: Ex Adler
乌鲁木齐:1906年挂号封由乌鲁木齐俄国领事馆寄瑞士,背贴俄国客邮1戈比,2枚2戈比,3,5及7戈比票,销“乌鲁木齐俄国大清领事馆“圆戳(1906.6.22),转寄至塔城后,贴俄国票1,2,4,5及7戈比销塔城1B型圆戳,亦见销Sergiopol及Moudon圆戳,上品及孤品,惟一乌鲁木齐俄国邮政使用纪录 备注:记载于“俄国邮票在海外使用纪录“一书中,第286页 源流:Adler