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SHARASUME: 1919 Native cover sent registered to Peking, franked with two imperf. 1R tied by Sharasume 29.7.19 cds, with registration label adjacent (hellrigl type 9 rated R), further franked on arrival in Peking with Chinese 4c and 5c tied by the Russian P.O. cds, the double franking was imposed by the Chinese authorities in Sinkiang (to which Sharasume had been ceded who no longer accepted the validity of Russian stamps, a rare mixed country combination and a high franking. Provenance: Ex Adgey-Edgar
阿尔泰:1919年,挂号封寄北京,贴两枚1戈比无齿票,销阿尔泰圆戳(1919.7.29),贴挂号标签(Hellrigl9型评为R),再贴帆船票4及5分销俄国客邮戳,当时新疆实行双重邮资(其时不再认同俄国邮票),罕有的混贴封 源流:Adgey-Edgar