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SHARASUME: 1918 Native cover sent registered to Peking franked with block of four and single 5k imperf. and 70k perf., tied by Sharasume 4.4.18 cds, also tying improvised registration label adjacent (Hellrigl type 10 rated RRR, thought to be unique), a unique item of postal history with a scarce franking, label recorded by T&S Pl.4, p.324 Provenance: Ex Russell
阿勒泰:1918年挂号封寄北京,贴四方联及单枚5戈比无齿,70戈比票,销阿勒泰圆戳(1918.4.4),亦贴临时的挂号标签(Hellrigl10型评为RRR,应为孤品),惟一存世的罕有邮戳,卷标被记录于T&S,P1.4,第324页 源流: Russell