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Fri 20 Apr 2012 at 13:00 (Europe/Zurich)
CHEFOO: 1901 Postcard to France with „KITAI“ 1k and 3k tied by Chefoo 15.7.01 (Gregorian calendar) cds in violet (T&S type 1), with different strike of the Chefoo 2.7.01 (Julian calendar) cds in violet (T&S type 2), France arrival, attractive cover showing use of different date-stamps for the two calendars Note: Russia did not adopt the Gregorian calendar until early in 1918. In the meantime, Russian P.O.s in China frequently used two ds to express the date in both calendars, the Julian calendar being 13 days behind the Gregorian in the 20th Century.
烟台:1901年,明信片寄法国,贴俄国客邮1戈比及3戈比,销紫色烟台圆戳(T&S1型),另销紫色烟台圆戳(1901.7.2罗马儒略历)(T&S2型)及法国到达戳,此封展示出不同历法制度的邮戳 备注:俄国于1918之前不接受公历制度,在此期间,俄国在华客邮经常使用两种日戳,在20世纪,公历日期减13天等于儒略历日期