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Fri 20 Apr 2012 at 13:00 (Europe/Zurich)
CHEFOO: 1899 Printed envelope from the US Consulate in the Treaty Port of Chefoo to Boston, USA, with Arms 3k pair and 7k pair paying double the foreign letter rate, tied by Chefoo 26.04.99 cds (T&S type 2), split open on 3 sides and missing back flap Note: Ordinary Russian stamps were only supplied to the Russian P.O. in Chefoo up to 1899.
烟台:1899年印刷封由烟台商埠美国领事馆寄波士顿(美国),贴俄国3戈比及7戈比双联,为双倍国际邮资,销烟台圆戳(1899.4.26)(T&S2型),三面裂开,封口纸已缺 备注:烟台俄国客邮只供应原版俄国邮票至1899年