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KALGAN: 1907 Decorative Red Cross charity card to England with ordinary Russian 1k (2) and 2k paying the postcard rate, tied by Kalgan 5.11.07 cds (T&S type 3, Casey type 5), mail with this cancellation is very scarce. Note: Kalgan was the only Russian P.O. in China that did not receive the „KITAI“ stamps. Illustrated BJRP 94/95, p.14
张家口:1907年,红十字会彩图封寄英国,贴俄国1戈比两枚及2戈比,销张家口圆戳(1907.11.5)(T&S 3型, Casey 5型),极少见邮封销此戳 备注:张家口是中国境内惟一没有“KITAI“俄国客邮票的客邮局,被刊载于英国邮刊俄国特刊94/95期页14