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PEKING: 1921 Native cover registered to Chuguchak (SINKIANG) with „KITAI“ 25k and 10k paying four times the 7k internal letter rate plus reg’n fee, tied by Peking 24.1.12 cds (T&S type 7B), with reg’d label in Cyrillic and French adjacent, Omsk (Siberia) and Chuguchak cds, scarce registered cover. Note: Chinese text on back indicated that the letter originated from the Information Bureau at Peking and was sent to a local firm with a request that this „important family business“ be redirected via the „Russian security (registered) post“ to Ta-Cheng (Chuguchak) without delay, and the contents then to Minister in the Atlai Mountains region.
北京:1921年挂号封寄塔城(新疆),贴俄国客邮25及10戈比,销北京圆戳(1912.1.24))T&S 7B),贴挂号标签(Cyrillic及法文),见销西伯利亚及塔城圆戳,少见的挂号封 备注:封上的中文内容指出,此为重要的家信,经本地民信局至俄国挂号邮局至塔城,不可延迟,寄给阿尔泰山办事大臣