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PEKING INCOMING: 1885 Cover from Mexico (stamps excised) to the Russian Embassy in Peking via San Francisco, the US Consulate in Shanghai, the Chinese P.O. in Shanghai (where „To Pay“ hs was applied) before arriving at the Russian P.O. in Peking (Tchilinghirian & Stephen type 3 ds), then redirected to St. Petersburg via Kyakhta (taking another 64 days owing to the state of Siberian post roads during winter). Note: Possibly because it was applied to mail abroad, the Peking cancel used the New Style calendar instead of the Old Style then in use in Russia and its foreign P.O.s
北京进口:1885年由墨西哥(邮票脱落)寄北京俄罗斯大使馆,经旧金山,上海美国领事馆,上海客邮(销“To Pay“戳),亦见销北京俄国客邮(Tchilinghirian & Stephen 3型),再经恰克图转寄至圣彼得堡(由于冬季西伯利亚驿道状况不佳,故再经64天才到达) 备注:可能因为其为国外邮件,当时北京邮戳更改为新样式,故此使用俄国及其客邮寄送