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Fri 20 Apr 2012 at 13:00 (Europe/Zurich)
TIENTSIN: 1917 Prisoner of War printed envelope sent insured for 70R to P.O.W. at Spasskoe (Siberia), franked on the reverse with „KITAI“ 2k, 3k pairs and 10k pair, all tied by Tientsin 17.1.17 cds (T&S type 6), sent via the Japanese P.O.s at Tientsin and Changchun, with insured label and Pogranichnaya censor hs on obverse, attractive wax seals on reverse
天津:1917年,寄俘虏封,含70卢布保险费寄西伯利亚俘虏营,贴俄国客邮2戈比,3戈比双联及10戈比双联,全部销天津圆戳(1917.1.17), (T&S6型),亦见销天津及长春日本客邮戳,贴保险标签及Pogranichnaya邮检戳,背销封蜡