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TIENTSIN: 1899 Printed envelope from the French Consulate in Tientsin to France, with Arms 2k, 3k and 5k tied by Tientsin 23.1.99 cds in red (T&S type 4), with Troitskosavsk violet OBEZZARAZHENO (disinfected) hs adjacent, with Moscow and Aubin bs, a very attractive three-colour franking Note: Disinfection of mail from China was carried out at Russian frontier posts intermittently between 1895 and 1900 in response to cholera epidemics
天津:1899年印刷封由法国天津领事馆寄法国,贴俄国2,3及5戈比,销红色天津圆戳(1899.1.23)(Tchilinghirian 4型),亦见销俄国恰克图被消毒戳 ,莫斯科及奥宾圆戳,为俱特色的三种不同颜色邮戳封 备注:来自中国的邮件在1895至1900年期间于俄国边境哨站陆续进行消毒