David Feldman Persia Including the Khosrow “Joe” Youssefi Collection (Part I) Tuesday, December 10, 2019

There are several ways to bid in our auctions (if you cannot attend in person). Bids can be made by e-mail, fax, telephone, and through our web site. Written Bid Form You are invited to bid before the auction, using the bid forms enclosed with the catalogue. u u Write down the lot numbers of interest to you and your bids on them u u Complete your personal information u u Sign the form and send it either: by fax: +41 22 727 07 78 by post: David Feldman S.A. 59 route de Chancy, Builiding D, 3 rd floor CH-1213 Petit Lancy, Geneva, Switzerland by email: [email protected] Please note that written bids close one day before the auction takes place. Early bids made by telephone are subject to written confirmation by post or fax. Phone Bids During the Auction Telephone bidders should confirm in writing 48 hours before the auction indicating the lot numbers you wish to bid on and phone number(s) where you can be reached during the auction. Due to the availability of multiple other bidding options, telephone bidding is accepted at the discretion of David Feldman SA and may be subject to additional charges.One of our philatelists will call you a few lots in advance of your first lot of interest, and bid for you directly during the auction. Online Bidding on www.davidfeldman.com Participate in any David Feldman auction (including internet- only auctions) from the comfort of your home or office. On www.davidfeldman.com , select “My Account” and register with your e-mail address and create your own personal password. Once your details have been confirmed, you will then be able to participate in the auction. (You must be registered before you can enter any bid or offer on our website and/or bid live the day of the auction). You may also register your bids in advance of the auction via our web site. u u Log-in to your account u u Browse the auction lots to find those items that interest you u u Enter the maximum amount you want to bid for any lot u u Click the “Bid” button u u Repeat for each desired lot u u Please note that the pre-sale bid facility closes one day before the auction. Live Internet Bidding, World-wide You may bid live in any of our auctions via the Internet. Follow your targeted lots on screen and enter your bids with the confidence that you will be bidding as if you were in the auction room itself. u u Click on the “Live Auction” button on the home page u u Log-in to the auction using your e-mail log-in ID and password u u Follow the auction and click the “Bid” button to register your bid with the auction u u Defend your bid(s) as needed u u Click on the “Live Auction” button on the homepage and follow the auction after entering your log-in details Prices Realised and Post-Auction Offers The prices realized are available on our website at the end of each day of an auction. Browse possible unsold lots, and make offers on lots you may have missed during the auction. u u Log-in to your account u u Browse the unsold auction lots to find those items which interest you u u Enter the amount you wish to offer for the lot u u We will review your offers and, if necessary, contact the vendor for further confirmation. u u You will receive an e-mail indicating which offers have been accepted or rejected, and those which may need to be raised. Auction Bidding Options 50 t Find the BID FORM at the end of this catalogue on page 141