absentee bid - Ordre d'achat

Absentee bid

If you’re unable to take part in the live auction, then your best solution is to leave an absentee bid. You simply have to register your maximum bids for specific items and be comfortable in the knowledge that such bids will only be attained if other under-bidders continue to pursue the same items.

There are different ways to register an absentee bid:

  • directly online on our website on the dedicated page after creating your account or bid on one of the xetrenal site where our auctions are listed: Delcampe, Philasearch, Stampauctionnetwork or Stampcircuit.
  • by email by sending us the lots number and you maximum bids
  • by completing the form bid you received in your catalogue and send it back by mail, fax or email.

The disadvantage of the absentee bid is that you will not be able to outbid a competing bidder once your maximum bid has been reached.