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How to buy at David Feldman auctions : it’s easier than ever !

You do not need to be professional dealer or a regular client to participate in our auctions. Follow the process and feel free to contact us if you have more questions.

Our website as well as our monthly newsletter will help you to be always updated on the dates and themes of our upcoming auctions.

For most of our clients, searching in our online catalogues will produce the quickest results and direct access to the items that interest you.

In this way you can view the description, estimates as well as images of items that may not be found in the printed catalogue. Most of the auction lots, including entire albums and collections are now available in high quality images on our website. Not only can you bid for items in the comfort of your own home, but now you can also study them in detail before buying, while having access to your own reference material. If you need more views, you can send us an image request straight away. Of course it is not always ideal to view images on a computer screen, and sometimes only viewing the lots in person will suffice. This is usually arranged a week or two before the auction is due to commence (see the calendar for precise dates), but an appointment at another time can also be arranged.

Our lots are also available on specialist auction sites such as StampcircuitPhilasearch and Stampauctionnetwork.

In parallel, our printed catalogues are produced to the highest standard and often become important reference works for collectors. Our clients receive a catalogue based on what they have bought or bid in any of our previous auctions. However they are also displayed in pdf format on our website and available for purchase on our online shop.

If you have found the perfect item to add to your collection, the next step is to register your bids and your personal details with us. There are several different ways to do this

For those that have submitted written bids prior to the auction, or have appointed an agent to act on their behalf, or even those that are simply curious to see the progress of the auction, you can follow the auction yourself via the live auction screen with audio feed. Please note that if you are not registered you will not have the sound, but you will only be able to watch the auction screen.

We also offer extra services such as:

  • Implementation of your budget : you can ask us to limit your total purchases to keep within your budget. This means that bids may be placed that add up to more than your budget, and we will bid on your behalf on lots in number order until your limit is reached. If lots of greater importance appear later in the auction, you may ask us to exclude them from the limit.
  • Buy one item of a group of similar lots: if there are multiple examples of the same stamp or item and you only wish to acquire one, you may bid on all of them but once one is acquired we will cancel your bids on the others. Simply place the word “OR” between the bids submitted on the lots involved. You may vary the amounts according to your personal preference.

If you have any questions about these issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Many clients like to discuss their bids with us before the auction, and we are happy to be able to give our opinion on what we estimate a lot could realise and even provide opening bid information for clients with limited budgets to maximize their resources, etc.

If your bids are successful, you will receive an invoice by email / mail shortly after the sale. The amount of the invoice includes:
  • The sales commission of 20% which is added to the final adjudication price (also known as the “hammer price” or the sale price announced in the room).
  • The postage & shipping of purchased items is extra. While we share our considerably discounted courier rates with our clients, the price of sending large boxes of material around the world should not be overlooked.
  • The duties and VAT. Items shipped outside of the country holding the auction will not be taxed in that country, but may incur import duties upon entry into your own country.

Payment is due within one week of receiving your invoice. We accept several forms of payment and in different currencies as described payment instructions.
The lots are shipped to the buyer when the total sale price (knock-down price plus all fees including postage or shipping) have been fully paid.

You can chose how you want to receive your lots:

  • Courier (Fedex Express)
  • Standard Mail
  • Hold for Pick up