Agenda & Viewing – Jubilee Auction Series 2017

Tuesday 5th December

10:00 CET: Finland Grand Prix Collection (Lots 10000-10245)
14:00 CET: Tibet (Lots 20000-20607)

Wednesday 6th December

10:00 CET: French Levant Grand Prix Collection (Lots 30000-30189)
12:00 CET: France & Colonies (Lots 40000-40542)
17:00 CET: Europe – From A to G (Lots 41000-41419)

Thursday 7th December

10:00 CET: Europe – From H to Z (Lots 41420-42118)
16:30 CET: Rarities of the World (Lots 70000-70117)
18:00 CET: Mauritius (Lots 80000-80278)

Friday 8th December

 9:00 CET: Mafia Island (Lots 81000-81302)
12:00 CET: Indian States (Lots 82000-82325)
14:00 CET: Great Britain and British Empire (Lots 60000-60789)

Saturday 9th December

10:00 CET: Overseas (Lots 50000-50712)
16:00 CET: All world collections (Lots 50713-50912)



  • London – British Empire single lots and selected group lots on November 22th& 23th (10am to 5pm) in the Bacchus Room at Adam House, 7-10 Adam St, London, WC2N 6AA, UK
  • Monaco – At Monacophil from November 30th to December 2nd
  • Geneva  – From December 4th – 9am to 7pm at David Feldman SA Office (59, route de Chancy, Building D, 3rd floor, 1213 Petit-Lancy, Geneva)

Before December 4th, the lots can be viewed in our office in Geneva, by appointment. Please feel free to contact us.