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You may only have one opportunity to put them to the test – so we suggest you check the fundamentals: do they have the experience, are they truly global in reach, do they hold the records to prove it? Have they sufficient reliable infrastructure to handle all the logistics from receipt to final settlement?
First step: CONTACT US. We can then determine the best way to go – local representative, means of shipment, etc. and prepare the way for Customs and insurance. Often, we advise using an air courier service such as DHL or FedEx, or registered mail (all are covered by our insurance).
A receipt is prepared that shows our preliminary valuation as well as the insured value. If auction is the way to go, your material is assigned to one or more staff philatelists for describing, and your vendor number & receipt number stay with every item until lotting is done. You receive detailed listings and reports all the way.
One of our staff of highly knowledgeable philatelists, with many years of experience, will be responsible to value each lot based on current market conditions. Lots can realize below, at or above these valuations, which are intended to be a guide for the bidders.
We can arrange to clear any unsold lots at a fixed percentage of the estimates, return them to you, or re-offer them again in another sale – whichever you prefer.
Yes, provided we think we have a reasonable chance of selling the item. Reserves, guarantees, advances, and commission are all negotiable; we always strive to work WITH our vendors as a reliable partner in the sale of their properties. Lots under a reserve price which are bought back by the vendor are subject to a commission.
Commissions are negotiable. They can vary depending on the size and value of the consignment, the amount of work involved and other factors. We are very competitive with all other major auction firms, and excel at outstanding lot descriptions, award-winning catalogues and record-setting auction performance. Results matter – to us, and to you!
No, unless there was a reserve which was not mutually agreed. Otherwise, we only charge a commission when we have fully earned it, i.e. when we have sold the lot.
We don’t usually charge for lotting, or photos, or return of unsold lots. If we feel that an item will sell better with an expert certificate, we will consult with you and then obtain the expertise; your final account would only be charged the actual costs involved.
Seller payments generally go out at the latest 42 business days after the date of the auction.
There are many advantages to selling through our company. Our “Selling” page [read in a new window]explains some of them: innovation, experience, world-record results, planning, promotion, personal contact… We are truly a global company, with wide knowledge, extensive experience and proven performance in every area of philately. At David Feldman, results matter – YOUR results!
For substantial properties, we are prepared to make substantial advances. We charge a minimal interest rate (negotiable) until the date of sale.
Fortunately, that very rarely happens! If we have advanced the merchandise, then we are obligated to pay you. If we have held the merchandise awaiting payment, then it remains your property, and we can re-offer it, sell it elsewhere or return it to you, at your option. Either way, you’re covered!
Your property is insured for its full value from the moment you entrust it to one of our representatives, or from the moment you mail it to us (by registered mail) or ship it by one of the air courier companies we use, until the moment you get paid for it. It’s that simple. And it’s “all risk” – whatever may happen, you’re covered. It’s always a good precaution to keep a list or set of photocopies in case of claim.
When circumstances warrant a fast sale, we are pleased to assist. The material would be covered by insurance from the moment it left your hands to the completion of the sale. Or we can arrange a brokered sale via “Private Treaty” to a third party.
Absolutely. We can arrange payment in any major currency. We pride ourselves on the classic Swiss virtue of discretion. Your business stays your business!