World Records

David Feldman is one of the world’s leading philatelic auction houses, and holder of world records including the most valuable philatelic item, the most valuable stamp and the most valuable large lot ever sold.

1- World Most Valuable Philatelic item, the famous “Bordeaux Cover” of Mauritius. Sold in November 1993 for CHF 6’123’750

2- Highest price ever for a postage stamp, the Sweden “Treskilling Yellow” Error of Colour. Sold in 1996 for CHF 2’875’000

3- Highest price ever for an China Cover, China “Large Dragons” Issue Multiple Franking. Sold in 2008 for EUR 1’165’125

4- Highest price ever for a British Commonwealth Stamp, the Mauritius  - Two Penny Blue. Sold in 1992 for CHF 1’610’000

5- Highest price ever for a U.S Cover, USA Alexandria Virginia Provisional “Blue Boy” cover. Sold in 1981 for USD 1’000’000

6- Highest price ever for a Swiss Item, Zurich Cover. Sold in 1992 for CHF 805’000

7- Highest price ever for a Greek Item, The Solferino Cover. Sold in 2002 for CHF 646’250

8- Highest price ever for a Finnish Item, The Fabergé Cover. Sold in 1979 for CHF 605’000

9- Highest price ever for a modern issued stamp, a 1948 10 Rupee Mahatma Gandhi stamp of India. Sold on May 2011 for EUR 144,000 (US$ 205,000).

10- The World’s greatest first issue single franking, Mauritius The Ball Invitation Envelope. Sale by Tender 2006 for an unpublished price in excess of US$ 3,000,000

11- Highest price ever paid for a collection at auction, United Nation Postal Archives. Sold  in 2003 for US$ 3,600,000

12- Highest prive ever paid for a romanian item, Romanian Journal. Sold in 2006 for US$ 1,000,000

13- Joseph Hackmey’s exhibit Collection of USA, Classic Issues on cover. Sold by Private Treaty in 2010 for an unpublished price in excess of US$ 10,000,000

14- Highest price ever paid for a russian item, Russian cover. Sold in Geneva in 2008 for US$ 1,680,000

15- Second highest price ever paid for a British Commonwealth stamp, Mauritius One penny unused. Sold in Geneva in 1993 for US$ 1,700,000