Singapore 2015: Day 2

Singapore 2015: David Feldman Stand

The day began with a mild sense of excitement. The President of Singapore was to arrive at the show to take part in the Opening Ceremony. His arrival was preceded by a troop of hand drummers in ceremonial dress before the President accompanied by his Minister, Mr Tay (President of the FIAP) and Mr Tan among others. Click here to view the video. A traditional dance was performed on stage, before the light hearted and slightly cheesy official opening. Each VIP placed “stamps” on to the envelope printed on the back wall before the President cancelled the stamps with an explosion of confetti. I couldn’t stop smiling as I watched on. His walk around the show concluded with a visit to the Court of Honour but unfortunately the mass of people around him didn’t direct him our way.

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Singapore 2015: Day 1

Singapore 2015 Stage Area

For us, the show began the day before the event. I arrived in Singapore at 6am with the Mauritius “Post Office” plate in my bag before meeting up with David at the hotel. We arrived at the exhibition centre next to the fabulous Marina Bay Sands hotel just in time for David to participate at the press conference, where the plate gathered significant interest and attention from the journalists and photographers present. Unfortunately this didn’t transfer to many lines in the press the following day. Meanwhile I constructed our display in the prestigious Court of Honour whilst much of the rest of the exhibition was a hive of activity as stands were still being constructed and things put in place. Only slight hitch was my identity badge which read “Ricky Feldman”. I predicted many conversations to come to explain that I wasn’t David’s son…

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Meet Us at the York Stamp Fair, July 17th-18th 2015

York Racecourse

Our philatelist Ricky Verra will be at the York Racecourse Stamp and Coin Fair on July 17th-18th at our regular position on stand 12 (see map adjacent).

For more information including directions, please see the official website.

If you are thinking of selling your stamp collection at auction in the near or distant future, then he would be delighted to talk to you to answer any questions or offer advice.

Ricky has attended this show twice a year for the past 5 years and will continue to do so. So should you wish to take advantage of the many benefits of offering your collection with David Feldman SA in Geneva, then he will be on hand when you are ready.

For those thinking of sooner rather than later, we will have part 2 of the “Tatiana” collection of British Empire in December. Part 1 last month produced astonishing results, smashing any preconceptions that London is the only place to offer this material. We will even be holding the auction in British Sterling, so there’s no conversion rate to worry about.


Outstanding results for our Summer auction

Australia stamp
David Feldman SA Summer Auction – June 22 to 25, 2015
Four intensive auction days, over 800 bidders, over 2,800 lots sold and over CHF 5 Million in sales achieved for our vendors
The first two days of our auction week were dedicated to All World with a very strong selection of France & Colonies. The quality of the stamps, covers and extensive selection of fresh collections and estates has again attracted the interest of collectors and dealers from all over the world. “When you can combine exceptional items with fresh collections you should get great results! The French classic philately is strong!” said Gaël Caron, our French specialist.

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Auction Viewing in London

Adam House

On June 18th and 19th, we will be taking all the single lots and selected large lots from our British Empire auction for a special viewing in London, at Adam House, 7-10 Adam Street, The Strand.

Held in the Bacchus room, we will be able to accommodate up to 10 viewers at a time between 9am and 5pm. All those wishing to attend are recommended to bring their own catalogue as we will have few to offer at the viewing.

The British Empire auction featuring the Tatiana collection will be offered on June 24th and 25th. With over 1’900 lots it is the largest offering of British Empire we have had the pleasure to offer since our auction of the David Melat collection in 1986.

We hope to see you there.

The “Primitives“: USA Postmaster Provisionals

Blue Boy

The Unique “Blue Boy”

Alexandria, VA Provisional Issue

Postmaster Daniel Bryan

Sometime around 1846 (date of the earliest known use of the Alexandrias), postmaster Daniel Bryan (who held that office from 1821 to 1853) was responsible for a typeset issue of 5 cent adhesives in two types, and printed on buff and on blue papers. Of the buff papers, two covers are known with Type I and three with Type II. The only blue paper stamp, the famous “Blue Boy” cover, bears Type I. In addition, there is one Type I on Buff off cover (and one of the Type IIs was separated from its cover).

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Europhilex London 2015 Report


Last week saw the largest stamp exhibition in the United Kingdom since 2010, and it was clear to all who attended what an unmitigated success it was. With reports that the attendance was over 15’000 people, I have an excuse for not doing my usual daily updates for this International Exhibition! People came from all over the world, with many familiar faces including some who had known David and Marcus for over 30 years, and plenty who we met for the first time.

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Research: A Smart Thing to Do


Philatelic collecting is a large spectrum. It begins with a simple accumulation (“Things I Like” or “Stamps from the Mail”), then a targeted accumulation (“World Classic Covers” or “Ships on Stamps”), progressing to a one-of-a-kind collection, then a specialised collection. Finally, many collectors make the leap to preparing philatelic exhibits, from the local level all the way to the international (F.I.P.) level, where the Grand Prix is the ultimate challenge.

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The “Bombay” Cover – an Aristocrat of Philately


The “Primitives”: Mauritius “Post Office”

The “Bombay” Cover – an Aristocrat of Philately

There are only six covers recorded with the first, “POST OFFICE” issue, printed one at a time from a small plate of two subjects, one a 1d value, in vermilion, the other a 2d, in blue. Three of the covers are single frankings of the 1d value; one is in the British Library (Tapling Collection), another in the Royal Collection (since 1904). The third, known as the “Ball Envelope,” is ex Kanai, and was sold by this firm in the last decade.

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The “Primitives”: Mauritius “Post Office”


An Overview

Issued in September 1847, this issue holds the distinction of being the first government issue of any British Colony (the famous “Lady McLeod” of Trinidad, issued earlier in April 1847, was a private issue tolerated but not authorised by the government). The issue was also only the fifth to be issued world-wide !

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AMAZING DISCOVERY: The Mauritius “Post Office” Plate


The copper printing plate for the famous 1847 “POST OFFICE” 1d and 2d stamps has been found after 80 years and will be displayed at LONDON 2015, EUROPHILEX which will be held at the Business Design Centre, London N1 from 13 – 16 May 2015.

The Mauritius “POST OFFICE” stamps were the first colonial issues of the British Empire and rank among the world’s greatest and most sought-after rarities.

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